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Tuesday Line Dance Evening Class closing after 20 years
It is with regret that I am closing my Tuesday night class on 7th July 2015.
This class has moved venue only 3 times. It was my second class that I started in Chiswell Green at the Greenwood Park Community Centre but soon moving to Killigrew Junior School as we needed a bigger venue. We stayed there until March 2014 when we moved to Holy Trinity Church which had recently been refurbished.
As other dance classes have opened over the years the numbers have continued to drop with no new people to fill the places of those that have stopped coming.
I have decided to finish on the 7th July as that is when most people that have been coming regularly can make it.
This will be a Social open to all. I will extend the time from 7-10pm so that we have time to chat and look at photos and have refreshments. (Please bring your own, although I will have tea and coffee available.)
A list of old dances is available on request that have been asked for by my class.
I would like to thank everyone who has been involved over the years for making this such a fun class.
It is hoped that some might join other classes and continue with this hobby.
Thank you for all your support over the years.
Keep dancing Val


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